Are you on the hunt for a great new restaurant to try out in San Francisco? If so, and you happen to be craving Mexican food, we have a list of some of the best restaurants in San Francisco. Options on this list include restaurants that are exclusively offering pickup/carryout only so be sure to plan ahead so you can enjoy the delicious food in the comfort of your home if necessary.

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Top 15 Picks for Mexican Cuisine in San Francisco

El Pollo Supremo


The Taco Shop at Underdogs

El Gran Taco Loco

Taqueria La Iguana Azul

El Capitan Taqueria

Nick's Crispy Tacos

El Tesoro Taqueria & Grill

Blue Iguana

Bayshore Taqueria

Los Hermanos Taqueria

Taqueria El Castillito

Taqueria Los Coyotes

Casa Barajas

Taqueria Dos Charros

Why are these our Top Choices in San Francisco?

While cities actively take steps to maintain the balance between public health and business interests, finding places to eat has become a struggle in most cities across the country - and San Francisco is no exception.

This list is compiled of restaurants that are currently open either for outdoor dine-in or carry out service so you can be sure you’re not looking into a possible restaurant only to find out it has unfortunately closed right before you try to place an order.

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Based on Google reviews, this list of restaurants are some of the most highly rated and popular in the whole city among Mexican restaurants. Try any of them today in your area and you’ll be sure to enjoy a tasty meal.

The Top 15 Mexican Restaurants Open-Now in San Francisco

El Pollo Supremo, 4.8 Stars, 2000 Reviews

  • Casual, counter-serve spot known for charbroiled chicken & fried fish plus Mexican & Cuban classics.

Tacko, 4.6 Stars, 2000 Reviews

  • Chef-owner Nick Fasanella's signature tacos feature a crispy shell at this nautically-themed spot.

The Taco Shop at Underdogs, 4.7 Stars, 2000 Reviews

  • Compact hangout provides familiar Mexican street eats & cocktails in a sports-themed space with TVs.

El Gran Taco Loco, 4.7 Stars, 2000 Reviews

  • El Gran Taco Loco is a family operated Mexican food restaurant, food truck and catering company. Located in the mission neighborhood for more than twelve years, they are famous for their Tacos, burritos, quezadillas zuisas and the wet burritos (burritos mojados).

Taqueria La Iguana Azul, 4.6 Stars, 2000 Reviews

El Capitan Taqueria, 4.4 Stars, 2000 Reviews

  • Basic set-up for tacos & other Mexican street fare, breakfast & fruit drinks served at the counter.

Nick's Crispy Tacos, 4.6 Stars, 1657 Reviews

  • Known for its signature 2-tortilla tacos, this Mexican restaurant also has a vibrant bar scene.

El Tesoro Taqueria & Grill, 4.7 Stars, 1482 Reviews

  • Open-late counter-serve joint doling out tacos, burritos & other casual Mexican fare, plus beer.

Blue Iguana, 4.5 Stars, 1376 Reviews

  • From Yelp, “Better than most tacos I've had in a restaurant. The shrimp and al pastor are especially delish. Note, this is a truck in parking lot, so no chairs but you can eat over your car in the parking lot.”

Bayshore Taqueria, 4.7 Stars, 1298 Reviews

Los Hermanos Taqueria, 4.5 Stars, 1298 Reviews

  • Mexican staples doled out of a simple kitchen with counter & table seating within a grocery store.

Taqueria El Castillito, 4.6 Stars, 1068 Reviews

  • Hearty taqueria fare draws patrons to this basic Mission Mexican spot.

Taqueria Los Coyotes, 4.5 Stars, 923 Reviews

  • Menu selections range from basic tacos to a California burrito filled with steak, avocado & fries.

Casa Barajas, 4.4 Stars, 605 Reviews

  • From their website, “Casa Barajas brings an authentic Mission style taqueria to the Sunset, with well seasoned bold flavors and an attention to fresh ingredients. Located within Chug Pub, we are the perfect place to catch up with friends over a plate of nachos, an electric game, a refreshing drink and lively conversation.”

Taqueria Dos Charros, 4.6 Stars, 465 Reviews

  • From Yelp, “This spot offers takeout, great to be able to get that burrito fix without going all the way to Mission. Delicious, ready on time.”


Even though it might not be the easiest time to go out and enjoy restaurant quality meals with the full dine in experience doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the same food from the comfort of your home. With food delivery all these awesome restaurants in San Francisco are available with just a few clicks.

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And remember to always use FoodBoss when searching for food delivery so you always make sure to find the best deal possible. Compare multiple services at one - even search for pickup options nearby - at no extra cost to you.

Keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible and enjoy awesome food from restaurants like these from the comfort of your own home.