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We are back again with another week giving you all the best way to save money on food delivery services in December! Delivery services are obviously great because of their convenience, but they can be super expensive! And Uber Eats is no different. That’s why using ubereats codes for existing users can help you save money on your next cheap food delivery order.

With the holidays coming up just around the corner, now is a great time to learn how to save money on food delivery. In a few weeks, as holiday plans are making your lives chaotic and with all the planned family activities, there will be little time left for cooking or eating out. That is why ordering food delivery will be a popular option for so many Americans. We are here to make sure you don’t overpay for these convenient services. Keep reading to find out how we at FoodBoss can help you this holiday season.

Companies like Uber Eats and its competitors (Postmates, Grubhub, Caviar, DoorDash, etc.) offer food delivery deals in the form of delivery codes or delivery promo. You might wonder why they do this. Why would they essentially give away money to people? Why would uber eats give away uber eats promo codes and ask for nothing in return? Well, the idea is they want to grow their share of the market and it is a calculated bet. The food delivery space is cutthroat and with so many different players on the industry, each is vying for the largest possible portion of the market. By offering a new user food delivery promo codes, the hope is to make them a long term user of the service thereby growing their market share in an industry that is projected to grow continuously in the future. It is a wager placed on each consumer that by offering them $10 or $100 in free delivery credit, they will become a loyal user and over their lifetime spend much more money on the delivery service allowing the companies to easily recoup the relatively small cost of acquisition. This wager is all about the life-time value of the consumers. If the average LTV of a consumer who receives and uses a food delivery promo code is greater than the cost of the code to the company, then the company is growing. If not, then the company is set up to fail because it is causing its own slow death.

Just recently, there has been a lot of talk about Uber Eats in the news. Uber, the ride-sharing giant, and parent company of UberEats, announced its intentions to take the company public in the first half of 2019. This will obviously have a big impact on the successful UberEats delivery service.

Both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have presented Uber with IPO offers. These IPO’s value Uber as a whole right around $120 Billion. More importantly, for all those food delivery lovers out there, UberEats is being valued at around $20 Billion. This is big news for the food delivery space.

At the moment, UberEats is on track to become profitable before the larger ride-sharing part of the company. With all the financial problems Uber has faced over the last few years, losing money continually over the past few quarters, the UberEats part of the company has been a bright spot in the beleaguered company.

This news, the intention to take the company public, will likely provide Uber with at least some temporary good publicity as investors will no doubt be hungry to invest in this exciting tech company.

Lucky for you, this calculated bet by the companies, to offer promo codes, allows you to get some awesome deals of cheap food delivery. If you know where to look, refer a friend, or have never used a food delivery service before, then you should be able to get great deals on all your favorite food whenever your busy life doesn’t allow you time to cook for yourself.

Before you is a compiled list of the best uber eats promo code for existing users available. Using this simple trick, you can save tons of money on delivery fees without trying that hard at all. However, there is a better way, but I'll get to that part later on in the article.

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Written by: Robert Burns

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Author Bio: Robert is a long-time FoodBoss contributor.  An adventurous eater with an eagerness to try any and all culinary styles, his favorite dishes include Coconut Curried Shrimp and Cioppino.