Like most of the country, you’re probably living in some state of quarantine, lockdown, or socially distancing situation as you read this. All of us at FoodBoss are likewise in the same scenario. If you’re like most out there, the days are starting to blend together, and things are starting to get dull and tedious.

These are our best ideas about how to survive the monotonous and boring situation we find ourselves in without just instantly turning on Netflix for 4 hours everyday. The best way to avoid boredom is to change things up and try new things. Without further ado, here is the FoodBoss list of top activities to survive Corona quarantine.

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  • Buy a Puzzle

Metal stimulation sounds like the perfect solution to a dull and seemingly monotonous daily routine. You can get a fairly simple one and finish in a day, or make it a competition among your whole family by getting an enormous one and seeing who can get the most pieces over the coming weeks.

Restaurants are struggling these days with dine-in options shut down. You can still order take-out or delivery from many local restaurants to help support them during this difficult time.

  • Catch up with old friends

Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, Houseparty, even a call. There are so many different ways to reconnect with old friends, especially now with all the extra time each day we have. Why don’t you trade the extra hour a day you used to spend commuting calling old friends to catch up and check in?

  • Learn a new language

You might as well use this time to try and better yourself. Learning a new language can be a fun experience and a great way to break out of your usual routine. And it might even inspire you to take a much needed trip after this whole situation is over.

Similarly, why not expand your mind by putting down the remote and picking up a book. You can buy one online from a local bookstore, re-read something in your house, or even find online versions. Whatever you need to do to get one, picking up a great read will help you kill time.

  • Face Masks

That’s right, treat yourself. Who said you can’t enjoy a little self indulgence while the world is going bananas. Order some online and make it a fun activity with the whole family, significant other, pet, or hell, do it yourself. Self care people. We all could use a little bit more right now I’m sure.

  • Write Letters

Why not? It’s actually pretty fun. You’ll feel so old school and it’s definitely a nice way to let somebody know you really care about them.

  • Actually finish a Risk Game, or another board game

Well it doesn’t have to actually be Risk, but pulling out some old board games from your childhood or with your kids can be a great way to spend the night. There are so many great options, and if you don’t have any now, you can order some and start playing ASAP.

  • Find new music

Take this time to craft the perfect quarantine playlist. There is still a good amount of music being released weekly, so there are no excuses to fall into an exclusive throwback music mood.

Coloring books got an upgrade. These have actually been popular for a while now. They can be very therapeutic and a great way to relieve stress. What else can you ask for at a time like this from an activity.

  • Go through old photos

Sitting at home on the couch after work? It might be a great time to go back and look through your old photos. Reminisce on old times with friends and think back to when we were not all shuttered inside.

  • Financial planning

Yeah it might not be the most fun, but people always put it off. There are no more excuses. Take this time to get your finances in order. Get ready to attack life once this whole thing is over!

  • Try a new look out

Stores are pretty much closed across the country, but you can still shop online, and a lot of places are having sales! Shipping might be a little slower than normal, but this is a great time to buy some new looks and get ready to wear them out once we can all go back outside and live our normal lives.

  • Set an actual sleep schedule

You can’t go out and party, hang with friends, or do anything else that so often prevents you from getting a good night's rest. Set a goal to sleep the right amount daily. It will leave you feeling that much better in the morning.

We’re all trying to stave off absolute boredom every day. But sitting around hoping for something to happen won’t make it go any faster. Try some of these activities and keep yourself entertained. Most of us will be cooped up for at least another month. If you have any other great ideas about how to stay entertained, send them my way.