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While most states are still working on plans to open up their economies, restaurants are likely to see a rise in demand for carry-out options among diners. Especially in large cities, where restaurants are within walking distance for most residents, carry-out demand is sure to rise. Even if over the coming months, most states open up and permit restaurants to re-open for dine-in options, they will likely face regulation over the number of people allowed inside at one time. In the meantime, restaurants will continue to use pick-up and delivery options to make money and stay open for business. And as the weather warms up and people begin to go stir crazy while practicing social distancing, carry-out is sure to see an increase in demand.

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It’s no secret that with better weather, people are more tempted to leave their homes and disobey social distancing measures. Research shows that there is already evidence people are leaving their homes more often. After a month of increased social distancing after the US declared an emergency, over the last few weeks, there has been an increase in the number of Americans leaving their homes on a day-to-day basis.

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While the safest thing to do is stay home and follow all social distancing guidelines, carry out options continue to be a safe option to support local restaurants while also getting delicious food. Not only do carry-out options allow you to eat a delicious meal, but it also gives people an excellent opportunity to get out of their apartment or house for a brief time.

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An uptick in demand and availability of carry-out options will come along with warmer spring and summer weather across the country. Stay safe and socially distance as best as you can while picking up your food before you go and enjoy the meal in the safety of your home.