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Restaurants employ roughly 10% of all US workers. With over 15.6 million workers employed by restaurants across the US, the restaurant industry is one of the largest employers in the country. Unfortunately, of the roughly 700,000 jobs lost in March, the majority were restaurant employees. In fact, 60% of all jobs lost across March were restaurant workers.

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It's no secret that restaurants and restaurant workers are in a particularly painful situation as a result of COVID-19. While some states have begun to ease social distancing measures, the majority of restaurants remain closed to dine-in options, which dramatically reduce restaurant revenue streams. Even though many restaurants continue to operate pick-up or delivery options, most are unable to completely offset the unprecedented blow they currently face.

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Given the high number of workers employed by the restaurant industry, restaurants are struggling, and by extension, so are many families whose loved ones are no longer able to bring home money from their restaurant jobs. Ordering and buying from local restaurants is the best way to help restaurants and keep their employees working during this time.

Luckily, there are lots of options available that allow you to support local. For instance, opt for a small family-owned restaurant next time you're looking for a restaurant to order from. Or plan a Zoom dinner with your friends and get everyone on the call to order from local restaurants in their area. You can also highlight your favorite local restaurants on social media to give them more exposure during this time.

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Currently, the National Restaurant Association predicts 5 million to 7 million hospitality service workers will lose their jobs in the next three months. At a time when restaurant employees are struggling to get by, supporting restaurants is a great way to do your part and support those in your community.