This is a Fact!

Food delivery is one of the safest ways to get food right now! You can get food delivered to your door without the risk of catching Coronavirus by coming in contact with lots of other people either at a restaurant or out grocery shopping.

Many restaurants are taking extra precautions to ensure food is cooked and remaining sanitary, so no spread occurs. Senior vice president of certification and operations for the National Restaurant Association Larry Lynch said his group is advising restaurants to pay closer attention to drivers and make sure they aren't showing any symptoms.

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In addition, some of FoodBoss' food delivery partner services, such as Postmates and UberEats, are offering no contact delivery options. This means instead of waiting for your food delivery courier to hand off the food in person, you can instruct them to drop food off at your doorstep or porch and then grab it yourself to contain any possible spread.

Food delivery is a great solution to get food delivered to your door while following the social distancing recommendations from health officials. On Wednesday, the World Health Organization officially categorized the Coronavirus a pandemic. The number of confirmed cases is sure to grow, but avoiding crowds and eating in is the most effective way to contain the spread and give the healthcare system a chance to absorb the increased stress it faces.

As MarketWatch pointed out last week, “People who isolate themselves with ‘social distancing measures’ would still need food.” Given this obvious conclusion, expect to see a rise in the number of orders placed through third-party delivery services as more and more consumers opt to stay indoors vs. eat out and choose to avoid the risk and chaos of grocery shopping.

The moral of the story, yes, food delivery is safe, and certainly safer than grocery shopping or eating out where you risk exposure due to contact with others. FoodBoss allows you to compare delivery fees and time estimates, which will be increasingly important as experts expect demand for food delivery to increase as more and more people seek shelter in the comfort and safety of their homes.

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