This is a Fact

Over the last few years, many food delivery companies have begun experimenting with food delivery robots. While the use of robots for food delivery purposes is not widespread yet, it is certainly going to become more common to see robots deliver food to consumers in cities across the country in the near future.

Robots are a more cost-effective method of delivering food for food delivery companies. Various methods, such as flying drones or robots on wheels, have been proposed and tested by different services. The increased demand for food delivery, as a result of COVID-19, may exacerbate the need and demand for food delivery robots among restaurants, food delivery services, and consumers.

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Robots will shorten delivery times for consumers and allow restaurants to deliver more meals in a shorter period of time. Especially given maximum capacity limits that will likely exist for dine-in restaurant options in many states across the country in the coming months, increasing restaurants' capability to deliver more food is essential.

In the following years, expect to see many more robots out on the streets delivering food straight to your door.