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In today’s Burger King review, I will go over numerous Burger King secret menu items! It won’t really be a secret anymore after today, but I am excited to share my thoughts on these crazy fast food items. I hope that this encourages you to be adventurous try something different that’s not on the menu. Join the exclusive secret menu squad.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been haunting my local Burger King Washington DC for their secret Burger King menu hacks. To be honest, I didn’t dislike any of the items I tried. Everything was pretty lit, but my favorites were- Frings, BK Club, Suicide Burger, and the Veggie Whopper.

FRINGS. What are Frings you may ask? It’s actually pretty simple,it’s french fries and onion rings combined! FRINGS! How clever! This is the perfect item if you can’t decide between french fries and onion rings. Just get the best of both worlds. You can even order Frings as Burger King delivery. Just add french fries to your cart and add a note stating, you would like onion rings mixed with it. While you’re at it, don’t forget to use FoodBoss for your secret menu delivery needs. You can save money and time by comparing pricing between different food delivery services.

Moving onto the BK Club, the most delicious hidden chicken sandwich there is. I was so happy when I discovered this item. It reminded me of Chick-fil-a’s Chicken Sandwich. Needless to say, I am obsessed with both of them. The BK Club sandwich includes a crispy chicken topped with sizzling bacon, tomato, lettuce, and cheese. I go the extra mile and customize the sandwich with honey mustard and mayo to really mimic the famous Chick-fil-a sauce (What can I say, I’m extra). To order this item, ask for the Original Chicken Sandwich with added bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese! Don’t forget to ask for the sauces too and let me know your thoughts.

The secret menu wouldn’t be complete without a huge burger that’s loaded with cheese and bacon. The suicide burger is for everyone that needs more than a Whopper or two to satisfy their hunger. This burger is made from four meat patties stacked in between cheddar cheese and topped with their special sauce. Important to note that the Suicide Burger is also known as the Quad Stack in some locations. Also, if four meat patties stacked on top of each other is too much for you, try the Triple Stack.

If you’re on a diet or Vegan, Burger King’s still got your back. Please don’t panic thinking that you won’t get to experience the glorious Whopper in its original form. Veggie Whopper just simply replaces the meat pattie with a juicy and delicious vegan patty. This “secret” item is super popular and should be known by all staff members, so just ask for the Vegetarian Whopper. You seriously got to try it because it’s just as good as the regular Whopper.

Check out this other Burger King review concerning their new limited time crazy food items. Burger King is offering Mac n Cheetos and Froot Loops Shake. Also, don’t forget to browse these other fast food restaurants around the D.C area. Perhaps you can be creative and come up with your own secret menu. I couldn’t have gone on this amazing secret menu adventures to Burger King without the help of #HackTheMenu. Thank you for reading my review and get innovative with what you order!

Written By: Maxine Kasznia

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Author bio: Maxine is a Chicago Native and UCLA grad. She has a passion for sustainable eating and loves to find the best environmentally friendly spots in every city she visits. After living in both Chicago and LA, she has an appreciation for local cuisines and continues to look for ways to expand her palate.