Hunger never stands a chance against a massive steak. There’s something primitive about devouring a colossal slab of meat, and it’s also something I take pride in. I’ve been to many steakhouses in Chicago, but as a self proclaimed steak expert I can tell you that only a few measure up to Ditka’s in the Gold Coast.

Nowadays a lot restaurants like to focus on being trendy and hip, focusing on decor and drinks. Ditka’s is not about all that hype. It’s a good old-fashioned restaurant that really puts the emphasis on the food. What else do you go to a restaurant for anyway?!

Photo by Emerson Vieira / Unsplash

This Chicago-based restaurant has tons of food to offer. They focus on high quality American fare, serving everything from calamari and crab cakes, to burgers, steak, and even flatbreads. Not to mention their exquisite seafood section of the menu. They have Chilean Sea Bass, Alaskan King Crab Legs, and even South African Lobster.

If you’re not a seafood kind of person, the sliders are also a popular item on the menu. Ditka’s has 3 different types of sliders on their menu, including filet mignon, pork belly, and mini cheeseburgers. I’m personally a fan of the mini cheeseburgers. It's a classic appetizer that can cater to anyone's palate, and the portion size is perfect for its buttery bun with melty cheddar cheese.

Their appetizers are a perfect preview for Ditka’s most famous item: steak. They have more than 9 different steaks on their menu including the “Kick-Ass Paddle Steak.” 20 oz of bone-in ribeye that will, well, kick your ass!

With a name like that I knew what I was having for dinner. It was love at first taste, but 10 or 15 bites later I started to question the old adage you can never have too much of a good thing.

Nevertheless, somehow I made it through the entire steak, and were my girlfriend not with me I would’ve taken the leftover bone home to keep as a trophy. Needless to say the meat was cooked just right and I left me with no choice but to devour the whole thing.

Photo by Ben Amaral / Unsplash

Aside from the food, the best part about Ditka’s is that it’s a staple of Chicago. It is truly a monument, located in the center of Chicago’s Gold Coast. It reigns supreme over the ring of famous restaurants in the Rush Street area.

To sum it all up, Ditka’s is a top contender when it comes to Gold Coast steakhouses. While it may not be your first thought over Morton’s or Gibson’s, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice if you never give Ditka’s a try. Go for da steak, stay for da atmosphere, and say thanks to da coach if you see him!

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Written By: Maxine Kasznia

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Author bio: Maxine is a Chicago Native and UCLA grad. She has a passion for sustainable eating and loves to find the best environmentally friendly spots in every city she visits. After living in both Chicago and LA, she has an appreciation for local cuisines and continues to look for ways to expand her palate.