When you are feeling bad or even just a little off, anything with sugar is a good option to try and cure your affliction; but there are some treats that are better than others. Here is a list for you to guide you to the best desserts available in Queens.

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Queens, New York, 11354

Everyone knows what shaved snow is; I myself have memories of eating it on a hot day as a kid. But the next step in cold, refreshing desserts has been taken, and that step is shaved cream! Snowdays wants you to have the feeling of tasting that perfect treat from your childhood, when the fluffy, airy snow covered the ground and you could play in it. The shaved cream, inspired by Korean and Taiwanese desserts, is made every day fresh in Snowdays, from organic milk. The flavors are green tea matcha, black sesame, cheesecake, coconut, and house special – Yetiracks. Just the way it is, it is already heavenly, but you can enhance the flavor with your own choice of toppings and sauces, like granola, brownie, peanuts, almonds, M&M's, Oreos, and much more.

Luckybird Bakery

Brooklyn, New York, 11206

Luckybird bakery specializes in cakes for special occasions, weddings, and birthdays, but has their doors open daily, for that everyday dose of sweetness. The design that leaves you speechless, is just a tiny hint what can be found inside. On the classic menu, there are vanilla, chocolate, and fruity cakes, each one better than one before. The classic vanilla cake is layered with vanilla whip and seasonal berries, and Rose vanilla cake adds special flavor with rose water buttercream filling. The Chocolate cakes come in a few variations that you don't know which one to eat first. Possibly the Dark chocolate fudge cream sounds best, filled with rich whipped ganache and strawberries, but the Dark chocolate chips cake, with Belgian chocolate chunks inside is definitely no less yummy. For lighter options, you can find carrot, lemon, and almond cake which are also delicious.

Silk Cakes

Forest Hills, New York, 11375

Silk cakes, as maybe you would guess, is the ultimate bridge between classic American desserts, elevated with traditional and representable Asian flavors, like matcha, black sesame, or yuzu. You can choose from many cakes and cupcakes, which are all guaranteed to taste perfectly. There is classic red velvet with cream cheese or yellow cake with vanilla buttercream. But if you came to taste some standout Asian goodies, then you can have a tasteful chocolate cupcake with matcha buttercream or green tea with blueberry buttercream. And that is just a start; there is so much more. You can even build your custom full sized cake. First you choose the cake flavor, chocolate, banana, pandan, matcha... Then a buttercream flavor to pass your cake the best and even enhance it with milk, dark or white chocolate truffle.

Martha's Country Bakery

Forest Hills, New York, 11375

Martha's bakery is providing their customers with classic American baked goods in a warm, home-like environment. All the cakes are homemade, so the moment you step in, all your senses will be enjoying, both the smell and the delicious taste of the cakes. And a good coffee is great company for delicious cake, and in Martha's bakery there is a whole hot beverages menu, to warm your body and soul. The cake choices are so many. You won't be able to decide, from vanilla and chocolate, over caramel and hazelnut, all the way to colorful strawberry–banana and raspberry cakes. And that is just the cakes. When warm pies and creamy cheesecakes come along, you will be blown away. And you still didn't hear about the warm, chewy cookies and cute and fun cake pops. So probably the best way is to come frequently, and try one of everything.

Culture: American Yogurt Company

Brooklyn, New York, 11215

Back to frozen desserts, the path leads us from cakes to no-less-tasteful yogurts. For themselves, they say that they represent the best practice in yogurt making. All the yogurts are made from live yogurt cultures and cultivated on-site. The cultures used in the process of making yogurt have many benefits to your health; they can help the immune system, break down fats, reduce the growth of undesired microorganisms, improve the overall health of your digestive system, and more. The flavors differ from day to day, but you can always find the original, which is creamy and just right amount of sweet; sometimes there is the Nutella flavor, strawberry, cinnamon toast crunch, Oreo, chocolate, or peanut butter and jelly. Whichever one you end up choosing, you will be satisfied, but make sure to come another day too and check something else out.