I bet you're wondering or thinking to yourself, I'm Hungry AF and all I want is to order from the Decatur, GA location. We have an update for you! FoodBoss foodies were hitting the app 100+ times ūüďą a month since launch & now the menu & ordering you love seems like it's gone. Its not.

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Yes, you can still get your eat on at Hungry AF in Decatur, however, this location recently dropped UberEats as a delivery service. As far as we can tell you can only order on-site at the location for dine-in or carry out. So make your way on over. And NO, there is no phone number listed. It's just that good.

Shout out in advance to

Hungry AF
2701 Candler Road, Decatur, GA 30034


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri
11:00 am - 12:00 am

Sun, Sat
12:00 pm - 12:00 am

This location is also offering catering.

Wings & Fries

 Item Name  Quantity Price
 Wings & Fries  10 pcs  $15
   15 pcs  $20
   20 pcs  $25
   30 pcs  $35
   40 pcs  $45

Thanks to @HungryHomegirlfor the image.

Popular Mashup Flavors:
Zone 6 (crispy, hot, lemon pepper), ChrisStainless (mumbo sauce, lemon pepper), Dirty Bird (honey hot, BBQ), Mike Vick (teriyaki, lemon pepper), Kodak Kno Dat (mild, BBQ), Trey Young (honey garlic, lemon pepper), Big Jefe (honey, lemon pepper), Koolwiz (honey, ranch), Straight Drop (plain)

The Standard Flavors: Lemon Pepper | Teriyaki | Mumbo Sauce | Hot | Honey | Honey Hot | BBQ | Ranch | Mild | Honey Garlic


 Item Name  Quantity  Price
 Chicken  1  $18
 Shrimp  1  $18
 Chicken & Shrimp  1  $20
 Steak  1  $21
 Salmon  1  $22
    Add Spinach (any pasta)    $1
    Extra Alfredo    $1 

Your choice of protein, all pasta is penne w/ alfredo sauce and blend of delectable signature spices that make your mouth water.

Philly Cheese Steaks

 Item Name  Quantity  Price
 Philly Cheese Steak  1  $15
 Chicken Philly   1  $15
 Salmon Philly  1  $17

Hibachi Rice

 Hibachi Rice  Quantity  Price
 Chicken  1  $18
 Shrimp  1  $18
 Salmon   1  $22


 Combo Name  Description (Specials - sp  Served w/ Drink)  Price
 Dolo Special (SP)  6 pc Wings & Hibachi Rice (no protein)   $21
 Hungry as a MF (SP)  Pasta, Wings (Add Salmon +$4 or Steak +$3 to Pasta)  $23
 King of Gresham (SP)  Philly, 6 pc Wings w/ Fries   $25
 Burger Basket  Burger w/ Fries  $13
 Grilled Shrimp Basket  Grilled shrimp w/ Fries  $14
NOTE: Only the combos/specials/baskets come with Fries & only where mentioned. Otherwise, ask for a side of fries, $4.