As Thanksgiving approaches, Chicagoans have culinary options beyond the traditional home-cooked fare. Many of the city's vibrant restaurants open their doors to those seeking a great meal on this special day. From iconic steakhouses to trendy eateries, Chicago's diverse restaurant landscape offers a ton of options for a Thanksgiving celebration. Below you’ll find options across many different areas of Chicago who’s doors will be open welcoming in diners on Thanksgiving this year.

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Here's a preview of the restaurants we cover in this article sorted by neighborhood:

white ceramic bowl with rice and green vegetable


Cherry Circle Room

Indulge in classic American fare at Cherry Circle Room this Thanksgiving, where the historic ambiance meets culinary excellence. Expect a feast that pays homage to tradition with a touch of modern flair.

Prime and Provisions

Thanksgiving at Prime and Provisions promises a lavish affair, featuring prime steaks and a decadent holiday spread. Enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere and impeccable service for a memorable holiday celebration.

Near North:

Maple and Ash

Maple and Ash invites you to a luxurious Thanksgiving experience, where the finest steaks and exquisite culinary creations take center stage. Revel in a lavish celebration that combines elegance with innovative cuisine.

Asador Bastian

For a Thanksgiving celebration with a touch of Spanish flair, Asador Bastian is the place to be. Immerse yourself in a warm and inviting atmosphere, where traditional dishes are elevated to culinary artistry.

Gene & Georgetti

Step into Gene & Georgetti for a classic Thanksgiving feast. With a legacy spanning over seven decades, this iconic steakhouse promises a warm and inviting setting for a holiday meal to remember.

Shaw's Crab House

At Shaw's Crab House, Thanksgiving means indulging in the freshest seafood and traditional holiday favorites. Enjoy a seafood-centric feast in a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

RPM Italian

RPM Italian offers a modern twist to your Thanksgiving celebration. Immerse yourself in a chic ambiance while savoring Italian-inspired dishes that blend tradition with contemporary flair.

Near South:

The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant

Celebrate Thanksgiving at The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant, an architectural gem offering a historic setting and a diverse menu featuring American classics. Experience the warmth of hospitality in this iconic venue.

Two Fish Crab Shack

For a seafood-infused Thanksgiving, head to Two Fish Crab Shack. Delight in the flavors of fresh crab and other ocean delights in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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West Town:


Fioretta invites you to a cozy Thanksgiving celebration with a menu inspired by Italian traditions. Enjoy a delightful fusion of flavors in an intimate setting.


At Frontier, Thanksgiving takes on a rustic charm. Indulge in a feast that embraces the spirit of the frontier, featuring hearty dishes and a laid-back atmosphere perfect for a festive gathering.


Experience a contemporary Thanksgiving at Etta, where wood-fired dishes take center stage. The warm and inviting atmosphere complements a menu that showcases the best of seasonal ingredients.

The Robey

Thanksgiving at The Robey is a chic affair, featuring modern American cuisine with a touch of global influence. Enjoy skyline views and contemporary dishes in this stylish setting.

Canal Street Eatery & Market

Canal Street Eatery & Market offers a unique Thanksgiving experience with a diverse menu featuring market-fresh ingredients. Immerse yourself in a culinary journey in a vibrant and casual atmosphere.

South Side:

Ascione Bistro

Ascione Bistro invites you to a Thanksgiving celebration with a European twist. Enjoy French and Italian-inspired dishes in an intimate setting that exudes charm and sophistication.

North Side:

Big Jones

For a Southern-inspired Thanksgiving, head to Big Jones. Indulge in classic comfort food with a twist, surrounded by a cozy and inviting atmosphere that feels like home.

Marina's Bistro and Rum Bar

At Marina's Bistro And Rum Bar, Thanksgiving is a tropical affair. Savor Caribbean-inspired dishes and flavorful rum cocktails in a lively and spirited atmosphere.

grilled meat on black pan

Soon the plates will be cleared and Chicago's Thanksgiving culinary celebration will come to a close. From iconic steakhouses to trendy bistros, the city's diverse eateries provide a delicious alternative to home-cooked meals.