An Introduction to Naples 15

Naples 15 is run by a man who was originally from Naples. He specializes in Neapolitan pizzas and has been serving them up in Madison for years. In addition to delicious slices and pies, they also serve up classic Italian dishes and salads. As one of the higher rated pizza restaurants in Madison, Naples 15 is a solid choice for a great pizza restaurant in Madison. A great location with awesome reviews helped land Naples 15 in our Best Pizza Restaurants in Madison article.

Here is a quick overview of Naples 15 from Google Reviews:

Naples 15

1026 N Sherman Ave, Madison, WI 53704, United States

Busy, comfortable bistro turning out generous pasta portions & plating thin, pan & stuffed pies.

Comfort food · Quick bite · Great dessert

4.6 Stars, 395 Ratings, $$

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Naples 15 has a nice Google rating of 4.6 stars based on just under 400 Google reviews. This comfortable bistro serves large portions that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Perfect for a casual sit down Italian meal, Naples 15 is a great option in Madison.

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Yelp Reviews

Below are a few reviews from Yelp from Naples 15. Hear from other people who have already eaten at Naples 15 to help you determine if this is your next pizza destination. Read about their experiences so you can know what to expect.

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Review 1:

Naples 15 is located in an interesting place, right underneath capital fitness, so finding the door wasn't as obvious as it should be. Loved naples 15 though. We had just gotten back from Italy and we were craving Italian pizza. The owner of this place is from Naples and came here to go to school in Madison for boxing! He ended up staying in Madison and opened this restuarant. We had a nice time. We tried 4 pizzas and thought they were delicious and authentic. It definitely quenched our craving for the pizza we had back in Italy. I love the Neapolitan style pizza. Everytime you have your first bite, you just want more and more. You don't want the experience to end and the pizzas here definitely did that for us! The crust and dough was perfect. So yeasty and the perfect chew. The crust was jsut a tad crisper with the charred spots of airiness. Loved it. The tomatoes/sauce was fresh and it was not greasy. I loved the mozzarella, also super fresh.  Topped with basil.. just so simple and perfect. Can't wait to go back.

Review 2:

I understand that this is a venerable place and what I am about to say may be considered by some sacrilegious but I just don't think it's good. We came here for a birthday party for a friend, so before you go condemning me, I sampled and ate off of a lot of plates that day okay? I, myself, got the Fungi Pizza. I see the Napoleon certification in the front of the menu, but whoever made this pizza is certifiable because it was salty as hell. And por que is a single-sized portion of dough, cheese, mushrooms cost almost $17??  Maybe if it was more reasonably priced I'd have less buyers remorse right now, but an unremarkable pie just does not correlate to that price point. Plus this place is under a gym and our table was next to the glass window where constant stream of sweaty people were passing by, it detracts from the romantic interior they try to portray. Ugh I'm so upset, I'd going to Mods and getting all the toppings and finishing sauces.

Review 3:

Unbelievable, unforgettable experience. New to the area, I was looking to get out on a weeknight for once. Take myself to dinner. But, it had to be close by. Could I go for a little Italian food on this night...? Sure, I could. I walked in and sat at the bar. It's really the best option for dining alone. It felt like walking in to an Italian neighborhood restaurant. The people are like instant friends. Was it really my first time or have I been here before in another life? The servers smiled a lot. It made me smile a lot. The person taking my order asked if I wanted to see the fish before it was cooked. Who does that?! And more importantly, who says no to this unique offer?! The red snapper appeared. I was looking forward to seeing it return to me ready to eat. My preparation choices were (yes, I got to choose) baked or crazy water, which has an Italian name for it. Of course, I've never gotten this offer of crazy water fish preparation before, so I must take advantage of it. Give me the crazy water!!! It means prepared in ocean water like the fishermen used to do after a days work. It came out intact aside from the insides, of course. It requires some finesse and maneuvering around the bones and cartilage, but was a very light, delicate, soft preparation. With a side of pasta. Then another side of calamari, which was so excellent - some of the nicest flavored calamari I've had. Literally everyone who worked that night interacted with me in some way. That's simply amazing. And that's what I mean that it was an unforgettable experience, that's what I mean it felt like walking into a neighborhood in Italy. Did my fish come out in five minutes? No. Did I expect a homemade meal to come out in five minutes? No. Was my night perfect? Yes. Yes, it was.

Wrap Up

There are lots of reputable pizza restaurants in the Madison area. Naples 15 was included on the best pizza restaurants in Madison list due to its high rating and great menu choices. Try it out today to see how you like it.

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